Monthly Archives: June 2020

These Times are just so…. damn hard

Y’all know I don’t do a lot of political posts. I haven’t the strength and this is perhaps a failing.

I just muse about this old world.. I just feel if we walk in an honest path toward the Land of Goodness the way will lead us to an awakening of Spirit of such passion and delight whose depth has no words. Seems everyone would see it but that isn’t how it works. There is evil afoot and the path is a treacherous one and you will meet many people who will try and beguile you and dazzle you with their words, be they true or not, and if that doesn’t work they’ll just shape-shift and try a different tact and you might even think they’re your good old Granny who sure wouldn’t deceive you. Seems the path has grown more difficult lately and there are more Obstacles than usual. Take heed not to pause too long if your instinct says do a fast step. It’s even okay if you cover your ears and whistle some joyful tune to tune out the evil. Just keep moving along and if you see some fellow traveler who has stumbled and fallen in a mire of despair and succumbed to speaking in a voice not their own of hate and pain and defeat and fear just do a little jig and smile into their eyes and invite them to link arms and walk a while with you. You will recognize the victims and your heart will guide you. They will teach you. There is power and purity in love and do not allow your vision to be blurred by your mind. Listen, really listen to the angels in the wind and listen with curiosity and understanding. Don’t listen only to reply. Sometimes listen, not to the words alone, but to the scents and sounds that surround them.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other. I haven’t any answers to how to keep on the path but I do know the journey can be one of purpose and design and goodness and I trust in Life. I must not lose the Will. I know that the Land of Goodness isn’t a definite place or reward but is found alone the journey in changes we make like an added dollop of a color to a painting or whipped cream to strawberries or honeysuckle on a breeze. It is in the leaving trails of sparkle.