Faith in Love

June 29, 2014
“Rest easy and go with the faith you lived with”
― Walter Mosley

I care about the world I live in, but I readily admit my confusion and so I have narrowed down my vision. If I open a door and find an ugliness of despair that pulls me down with the heaviness of fear, I am most likely to slam it shut quickly and put a chair beneath the handle. Sometimes I tell myself I will return another day when I am stronger and better rested.
Perhaps I fear being pulled so far into that world that the door will close and I will forever be lost, I don’t tell myself I cannot change what I see, just that it doesn’t feel right now.
It is not in my nature to just accept what I cannot change, for acceptance seems to imply approval and there is much of this world I do not approve of. I refuse to surrender or acquiesce to people or situations simply because I cannot find the strength or courage to confront them, so I close the door and walk on.
I walk on with the faith of Love, for I truly believe that there is no definition of words for the meaning of Love. I don’t think it is suppose to be boxed in by words or trapped like a butterfly in a net, for I believe it is omnificent and has the unlimited power of creation. I feel it on a breeze. I smell it all around me, in the woods, the flowers, the salty sea air, the freshly turned soil, the newly cut grass, and I wrap myself with Love and often the tears fall unabated with no remorse or apology.
My faith in Love has endured since the beginning of time and I have seen it, and felt it, and smelled it and never tried to define it, only to live it. Even in the frailness of my humanity when I have thought it lost, Love has gently nudged me and niggled at me till I turned my face toward the light and smiled in recognition.

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