Feelin’ Groovy

Slow Down. You Move too Fast…Got To Make The Morning LastPaul Simon

This photograph is a lovely little flower I spotted in a flowerbed.  As often happens, the artist of the flowerbed came out to see what mischief I might be up to. She was a nice lady, originally from a place called Ugley, Indiana. We had a most interesting visit and she told me she just had to get away from Ugley, Indiana because the only place to work when she grew up was The Women’s Institute of Ugley and she just didn’t want to spend her life there. I sympathized and asked how she came to be here. She laughed and said it was a rather long story and included a lot of drama. Said she had been fighting ignorance since 1950 and that it was taking longer than she thought it would. She suggested I come back for ice tea and a chat and she enticed me with the prospect of looking in her back yard where she promised I would find delightfully joyful blossoms of exotic origins.

I often think of Nature as a teacher, a really great teacher that presents the material is such a fashion as to entice and lure the student into self discovery. We live in a time of burgeoning technological advances. Our lives have become fast paced and structured for us around this technology. Historically, advances in technology have freed man up for more leisure time, but it seems that the new technology is so different from the past advances in that it creates opportunities to fill the leisure time, not with watching the corn grow but with opportunities to make the bank account grow. And that my friends is a powerful draw.

The technology has opened up an infinite array of possibilities. This is terrific but it is also a great responsibility. Time management has become a challenge. I know, I for one, can lose myself in cyberspace for hours at a time. Am picturing me with LT II (the name of my laptop) and a video clip of the day advancing rapidly though sunrise to sunset to sunrise with LT II and me still sitting there.

So, am going to wander as I ponder, or perhaps ponder as I wander today and see if my Teacher, Professor Nature has a lesson for me. I have no doubt she does. I will start with whistling an old Paul Simon tune, “The 59th St Bridge Song” or as we called it “Feelin’ Groovy”.

Slow down, you move too fast

You got to make the morning last

Just kicking down the cobble stones

Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy

to be cont…

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