Tulips!! They are from a greenhouse but beautiful and a glimpse of a Spring to come.

Musing from the Old Lady on the Sailboat…


Every day I discover a new joy and a new wonder. Sometimes it’s been right there all along but I wasn’t able to see it. Do you ever think that there are layers to our lives and that those layers merge and reform and though the substance was there all along it takes on a new and wondrous look and feel? It’s like a kaleidoscope I used to have as a child. I played endlessly with it making new and more beautiful and unexpected delights, and yet the foundation for each was always there. I just couldn’t see the magic.

Our lives are continuous motion and ever changing. We have a choice to embrace the changes or not. Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey, for it may ultimately bring you to a far grander place.

I know sometimes this old world seems like such a mess, but if we try we just might find the BLESS in the mess. ❤️

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