Pondering Moments

Am enjoying a lovely Spring with family in Oregon…Life is Good. πŸ’œ

Photo…Royal Star Japanese Magnolia………

I have always looked to the horizon as much as my mind will let me. I have given but a fleeting glance back at the sunsets, knowing darkness follows. I want to see the blazing colors as they kaleidoscope across the sky in ever changing hues of oranges, yellows, blues, and pinks, but it happens in such a rush that they often make me sad and I think of moments already gone. There is a part of me that likes to think they aren’t really gone, just existing on a different plane somewhere in the universe. Some days I really believe that. Some days the shadow says that is foolish. Other days it doesn’t seem to matter one iota. Today I want to take the moments and hold them tight and never let them go. Will I never learn? Moments aren’t to be gathered and horded. They have to exist by themselves and be set free to soar and ripple across the cosmos. It is such a hard lesson for me. The letting go so I might truly see the beauty instead of clutching and holding tight , afraid of the loss, does not come naturally to me. I am trying to learn and understand, and sometimes that just has to be enough.

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