My car broke down Sunday and as I waited for the tow truck I spied this little beauty with raindrops on her face and wanted to share her with you along with some muttering musings…..

April 16

We human beings are not meant to live sequestered from the natural world as if we are not a part of the whole. I don’t profess to understand but I know that all my life I have been drawn to the beauty of the earth and found solace in her mountains, beaches, swamps, creeks, and oceans and my heart has quickened at the intricate designs of life, in the changing of the seasons and the harmonious and purposeful ebbing and flowing.

A friend asked me what got me interested in flowers and I have pondered that question for to me it simply has always been natural. It has only been recent that I have noticed people cocking their heads in puzzlement at the old lady who wanders the world taking photographs of gaudy colors and geometric patterns and talks to tiny wildflowers.

When I was a child I had a special place deep in the woods where a tree had fallen and allowed the light to penetrate the forest and flowers to take root. It was there where the wild violets grew and where I went to think and to write and to sing and to whistle and to be free. It was there where I took my sadness and my loneliness and there where I often cried and the earth took my tears and that tiny bit of sadness that often overtook me. I imagined fairies and sparkles and glitter. Life cannot be without sadness for it is as much a part of us as the joy and the laughter and the sunlight. Our journeys take us many places both physical and spiritual. It is the natural way.

When I get tired and weak and afraid I am learning that the Universe is there for me, there for little ole me. I am learning to believe in the magic and when I am joyous and as light as a feather and can fly on the buoyancy of Love I am learning to let go and all that powerful positive energy radiates out into the world and has a purpose and I must trust without understanding and not be afraid. I am learning to have faith.

Enjoy the gift of today My Dear Friends.

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