More Lessons

Some of you know I recently had a Reverse Shoulder Replacement on my right shoulder. It was been and will continue to be a battle of wills in my spirit. Can’t hold my camera or go out in my dinghy and take new pictures and new musings are rather dark so am working on lifting myself with past posts when I felt more hopeful. Mroe lessons my friends…always…as long as the beat goes on.

Here is one from this day a few years ago.

The Time of Tulips has given way to The Time of Irises

May 23…and the beat goes on

Darkness comes later each day and the trees have leafed out so much the slightest breeze sends a whisper through the treetops that seems to sooth me. I often quote great poets and philosophers, but today my quote is simple and yet I smile as I say it and am reminded to spread my arms wide and let the joy fill my heart, for this moment is really all I have.

“Why not just live in the moment, especially if it has a good beat?”

― Goldie Hawn

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