This may be my strangest post ever…ah well




Took a short trip in time last night to a place of peace and joy and contentment. It exists in a realm that knows no boundaries and has no limitations and is with me always.

I journeyed in a dream, like a vision of past and present.

I dreamed of a memory from my travels through Mexico. The dream allowed me to have the experience again but from NOW and gave me more insight and understanding of those moments in time.

I once saw fields of gladiolas of every color swaying in the breeze in a valley. I was on my way to Oaxaca, Mexico and I could see the snowcapped mountain of Popocatepetl, Smoking Mountain, in the distance. Well I wasn’t really on my way to Oaxaca as that would imply Oaxaca was part of some plan. In truth I had no plan. I was just following my destiny. I came upon this valley quite suddenly and without knowing what lay on the other side of the mountain pass. I paused for what seemed like a long time and drank in the scene with its gaudiness and grace. Yes something can have both gaudiness and grace. I thought I heard a voice carried on the wind but I couldn’t be sure. Then I became aware that it was someone singing in the valley and it echoed all around me with a passion that brought me to tears and I sobbed for the intensity of the beauty. That was part of experiencing LOVE. I discovered that the people who lived in this valley grew flowers to sell in the streets of Mexico City, and that the natural shape of the valley allowed sound to carry and the language had a sing song quality to it. I saw an old man on the side of the road. He squatted and held his hat in his hands and looked into my eyes with LOVE and he made an almost imperceptible nod of understanding. It was another prayer without words and I took that LOVE he so freely offered into my heart where it has stayed and brought me comfort in times of despair. I believe he knew exactly what he was doing and that it was not by accident that we were both there in that moment of time. I was given a gift for which I will always be grateful.

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