My Trip

July 11, 2019

“Love Comes In Time”

…John Fred (and the Playboys)

This old trip I’ve been on sure hasn’t run in a straight line. I mean I have traveled paths that twisted round and round on each other so much I wasn’t always sure if I was coming or going, though I know that’s not true. I have come to creeks to cross where the path seemed to end there and yet I hitched up my skirt and stepped into the cold water and felt the rounded stones from ages gone by and made my way across carrying only Faith that said “git along little girl”.

My trip has taken me to people and places where the lessons have been so hard I thought to just turn and run. Sometimes the sky grows dark and as the colors mute so does the light in my mind’s eye.

Others times I have climbed steep paths till there opened before me meadows filled with wild flowers and I so threw caution to the wind, stripped myself of baggage and clothes and danced in the evening light till the moon rose and the stars came out. Part of me longed to stay but knowing as Robert Frost once said, “way leads on to way” I had miles to go and strange and wondrous sights to see, and oh so many lessons.

I believe my journey is purposeful, even if I do not understand what that truly means. I have come to understand that if I am to be happy I must keep on truckin’ and that along the way I will, from time and time, come across a situation where there is a lesson to be learned that I am sure I already took and got a passing grade. Maybe I got a C- and not an A, but I passed. I whine because I do not want to take this lesson again. However, I seem to know that in order to move on I will have to study this one again.

Today’s lesson was this….

The Love is in the journey, not JUST the destination. In the end it is the labor of Love that endures, the tangible does not. I lost some pottery today that I had lovingly made and had great hopes for. The pieces were destroyed and though they are gone the experience of creating them can never be taken away from me. The joy really was in the doing. Sounds simple, but I have a feeling this won’t be the last time Life gives me this lesson. It, of course, wasn’t about pottery. It was about understanding what is truly important in this journey.

How much have you loved?

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