Music As the World Turns

June19, 2019…As The World Turns…

“These are the seasons of emotion,

and like the winds, they rise and fall.”

― Led Zeppelin

I sat cross legged on the foredeck and watched the horizon as the world turned from the face of the sun. It seemed unusually slow and graceful, as if time stood still for moments. I think it was because the sun was setting first behind a low bank of clouds and then beyond the horizon and so gave the appearance of a much longer event.

I thought about time and music and how I used to whistle all the time when I was a little girl. I whistled old gospel songs my grandmother used to teach me to play on the piano. I whistled silly rhyming ditties. I whistled old Stephen Foster songs I learned from a songbook my daddy gave me. One of my favorites was Beautiful Dreamer. It still is.

Seems lately I have had a lot of music in my head and have found myself pondering so many lyrics of songs written long ago. I like reading them as seriously as reading poetry, and with the same respect. I am not a master of music, nor of literature, I am merely a student and would never venture into an argument on the merits of song lyrics as literature. I loathe such conversations, for the conversing diminishes both the value of the song with its lyrics and the poem with its silent backdrop. I would simply note that they are both forms of expression and communication and I take it all in as I journey along in hopes it will broaden my understanding of life.

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