I asked

I begged

I prayed

I was gifted

A glimpse

The Fall Equinox

Equinox literally means “equal night.” Day and night are each 12 hours, and the sun rises in true east and sets in true west. The Sun appears to “stand still” and find balance and strength before continuing. It feels like a pause to me. Like a high wire artist who stops in mid performance to check his footing and his balance and progress before taking another foot off the wire. The Equinox is a time for us to find our balance for as the season changes so does our focus and perception.

I have always loved marking time through the changing of seasons. Only now I like to mark time in small increments, moment by moment, and not in big chunks, or with a vision too far ahead. Though I look at fall as a chance to gather and harvest and store for winter and that means a time of reflection to me. It is not unlike a threshold between what was and what will be.

Fall is a time for gratitude and thanksgiving, and for looking back on lessons learned and preparations for adventures yet to come. For every moment we move forward with changes within us from our experiences and our contemplation. We are changed moment by moment. Do not be afraid of the changes for if nothing within us changes then the past will become our future. Sometimes this reflection will bring sadness with it and we don’t like sadness and sorrow. It is difficult to remember that they are part of the lessons as much as happiness and joy. They are the yin and yang and part of the balance.

So many people will let these days pass by without even acknowledging the Equinox. We have so far removed ourselves from Nature that we just keep scurrying here and there and we don’t allow ourselves this vital opportunity to reflect. You only learn from experience, and only gain wisdom from self-reflection and awareness of the whole story of your journey.

So let us align ourselves with the forces of Nature. Let us take time to sit and watch the leaves turn colors and prepare ourselves for an inward journey. In this quiet time let us gather together our experiences and let our wisdom become a part of who we are and therein find inspiration for the next part of our journey.

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