Rain Drops

Photo….. rain dripping from a spider web

When the path is smooth and we aren’t challenged it is easy to think we have some answers. But when the path grows rocky and the light dims and fear overtakes our assuredness then those answers melt, shimmer like a mirage, and fade. We may even question their validity. It isn’t that the answers are wrong so much as they become illusive and the lessons that gave them to us often must be learned again. Sometimes the lessons may seem the same but what we learn takes on a new richness and understanding and changes us. Do not be afraid to travel that new path and study life from a different vantage point. Actually it is ok to be afraid, just don’t let the fear consume your ability to find the courage to skip on ahead. If you don’t feel like skipping just mosey. In fact you may sometimes simply feel like tiptoeing and that is cool too. Just keep on keeping on. Why?

Because the beat goes on…..

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