Photo is closeup of a chicken. When I showed it to my dear friend Mik he laughed and said I was the only one he knows who would see the beauty in a chicken. Don’t think thats true but he made me smile.

You and I will meet again

When we’re least expecting it

One day in some far off place

I will recognize your face

I won’t say goodbye my friend

For you and I will meet again

~Tom Petty

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

Sitting in the quiet and enjoying it I am reminded of something I heard once that said people aren’t so much afraid of death as they are afraid of being forgotten. I feel an urgency to put my thoughts down so that years and years from now someone will pick it up and really want to know what thoughts I had, not because they are profound, but because they want to know who I was. What purpose can there be in living if not to search for understanding. Without the search days pass one by one mindlessly. The quest is all about the journey. It gives us hope. It need not be frantic or furtive. Just keep your eyes open and your heart warm. Sometimes it will slap you hard in the face like a biting wind on a northern slope. Other times it will seep into your soul with hardly a ripple. Be vulnerable

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