Last Days of Tulips

Last Days of Tulips…

May our hopes today be bigger than our fears

Wow! That’s a tall prayer. These times are troubling to me as my beliefs are tested and my spiritual strength needs more nurturing and tending than usual, as invasive species try to crowd out my joy and sap my heart of love. Went back and thought about how easy it would be to just fade away as a Dream is want to do. Well, that’s just not my style, not an option.
I have deep conversations with my 4 year old granddaughter Reilly Marie who reminds me daily the true meaning of Love. She says I can summon a good dragon who will flap her wings and blow the worries away. Once she was having a crisis in the car and said she just couldn’t get calm. She was sobbing. Violet opened the sun roof in the car and in a moment the spring breeze and scent of flowers came in. All of a sudden Reilly started laughing and exclaimed, “The wind came in and calmed me. I couldn’t do it by myself.”

I think all of us have moments when we judge ourselves harshly and mercilessly, and this leads to fear and anguish and ultimately leaves us drained and exhausted. I try and remember that the road is not a straight line and often fraught with obstacles, many of our own making.

It is important that we be gentle to ourselves and love ourselves and accept that we are going to stumble and fall and even lose our way sometimes as the path isn’t always clear and the light sometimes dims and darkness falls.

Just remember that we are not alone and that there are others who too feel this same anxiety. Just keep hope alive and keep dancing onward even if some of the moves seem awkward and out of step.

Love, Light and Laughter,

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