“A feather is a sign from the angels. It is a response to a question, a thought or an emotion. It’s their way of saying; “You are loved and are being guided through this by the angelic realm.”

― Eileen Anglin

I was walking yesterday when I chanced to look up and saw a small white feather being buffeted about by the wind and dancing to some mystical music that played only for it. I believe in magic and I knew it was there with a special message for me, and so I stopped and watched it with a smile. At long last it drifted down to the ground and settled just long enough for me to squat down and notice its translucency and snap a photo before taking off on the breeze and rising high over the trees and disappearing. You may laugh at my whimsy and think me silly, but my heart soared and my hope renewed and I walked on with a smile.

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